Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Light Bar, Shoreditch

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet... with this gorgeous weather finally hitting London Town what better way to enjoy the summer sun than chilling out at a rooftop in Shoreditch? 

You don't need to worry about being bored, you shall be finding us there, and of course we will be accompanied by some of our latest Tribal Life gear. 

This Tuesday 16th July 2013 East Londoners and fellow fashionistas will be heading to The Light Bar for an exclusive look at My Own Style Pop-Up shop. With a number of independent designs and labels showcased at the beautiful Light Bar venue, any trendy East or West Londoner would want to be seen here. And with the chance to get your hands on some of the most creative designs this city has to offer, this isn't a pop-up shop to miss.

So we call upon all our Tribal Life peeps to come and check us out, and our tees and jumpers, at The Light Bar, Shoreditch. Show support, love and appreciation of ours, along with those of other designers, at Shoreditch this Tuesday. See you then.

My Own Style Pop-Up Shop
Tuesday 16th July 2013
The Light E1 Restaurant and Bar, 
233 Shoreditch High Street,
E1 6PJ  

Until next time, #TeamTribalLife.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rip the Runway

Good afternoon tribespeeps, how are we feeling? We have been away a while and we are truly sorry but we do have some very good news for you. First and foremost we are literally, ... and we mean it, ... officially on ASOS!

So you can now purchase some Tribal life gear as you peruse one of the biggest and most stylish e-com fashion house. For now we only have menswear up but we are planning to put some things up for the ladies pretty soon.

We have more good news. Mitch from Mitch & Suave dons our Gold African Printed Sleeved Sweatshirt to Rip the Runway. We have to say he looks pretty good in our Tribal wear.

We do have this sweater on Asos so if you want to make a few purchases just click the link or have a look on the website. Have a lovely weekend tribesmen and women.

Until next time, #TeamTribalLife

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tunnel Vision

We are back ... missed us? We have been dying to show you fellow tribesmen and women these ridiculously sick his & hers jumpers. Don't worry you don't have to be in a couple to wear it, if you are a single lady you can still don these monochrome print jumpers in style. You'll be looking so good, the male passer-by will have to put a ring on it

There really is nothing not to love when it comes to these uber cool sweaters. These are some of the favourite pieces of the Tribal Life collection, we know they will be your favourite too. I have mine hanging in my wardrobe already. The female model wears the white monochrome sleeved sweater whilst the male model wears the black monochrome sleeved sweater. Switch it around if you and your boo boo would prefer to wear different colours. 

Have an argument with him, kiss him, hold hands if you want to, if you are wearing these sweaters it wouldn't matter how much PDA you show, you and your honey will look cool regardless. Monochrome is on trend this SS13 so wear the jumpers with simple denim to enhance the look. If you'd like to make an order or two just send us an email at Or look out for us on the ASOS market place. 

Now we did say we would have a surprise for you, well the surprise is, that our good friend Poet, TV Presenter and Founder of Dats a Rap and Unboxed, and Co-host of Kebabs, Lads & Shinpads on Sky Channel 442 (check it out), is sporting one of our jumpers. Unbelievable! Big shout out to Poet. Thank you for the support. 

Until Next Time, #TeamTribalLife

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Urban Affluence

It has been a while and we can only apologise, we have been absolutely swamped these past few weeks thanks to the high number of orders. Thank you to all who have purchased some tribal life gear; we appreciate it. Well we certainly have some surprises coming up for you guys, I don't want to ruin it so I will not say any more about it but you'll see ... 

Moving on, our in house model wears our new black on matte black men's jumper. With patent-esque sleeves this cotton sweater oozes an incredible amount of swag. Wear with a pair of well fitted denim and the tribal snapback (which should be finished soon), for an incredible tribal life look. Don't worry ladies, we will be taking pics of the women's jumper soon ... you will definitely be making some orders when you see it on the model. 

We received some brilliant news this week. We have been @tted by Urban Affluence, an Instagram page that loads all the latest, high-end urban trends. Unbelievable. True Tribesmen and women will know which item in the image above is our design. For those who don't, it is the leather jacket with gold african print sleeves. Too fly. 

Myself and the Tribal Life Team would like to say a huge thank you to Urban Affluence for including us in their roundup, we also would like to say another big thank you to those supporting the movement. Like us and share us on Facebook. Until next time #Team Tribal Life. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bringing some style back to the streets ...

We hope you have all enjoyed your Bank Holiday as much as we have. We spent Saturday looking for locations to shoot and luckily we stumbled across a church decorated with graffiti - a perfect location for a Tribal Life photo shoot. With the sun setting in the background, and with passers-by providing support we managed to capture the essence of Tribal Life Clothing in some amazing shots. Have a look .... 

These Black & Gold African-Print Tees are amazing when paired with denim. There is nothing quite like dressing up for a cool summers evening in a statement tee that makes you look incredible without you having to make much effort. So if like us you appreciate clothes that possess that perfect combination between being unique and expressive, yet casual and not over the top then you will appreciate these t-shirts as much as the Tribal Team do. We all have one, seriously we do.

If the tee isn't really your thing you can always enhance your look with a custom-made leather jacket. The male model wears our leather jacket with gold african-print sleeves, again it is perfectly combined with denim and really adds that extra something to your look. So you can wear this to a party or event and stand out of the crowd for all the right reasons ... ;). Check out our facebook page for more pics ... oh and we have a little surprise for you guys coming up soon in our blogs. Until next time, Team Tribal Life.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mustang Tribal

This week has been a bit of a long week with orders coming in and with having to wait for labels etc to arrive ... believe it or not our beloved sewing machine also managed to break too. But like true tribeswomen we worked it out and still managed to take some more pics of our bespoke tribal life garments for you guys to take a sneaky peek at. Enjoy.

We literally cannot wait for the sun to pop out just so that we can have the chance to walk around Notting Hill in this ridiculously fashionable african print leather jacket. You really can't get more Tribal than this ...

We couldn't believe our luck when we found this Californian Mustang literally chilling on the corner of a side road ... so naturally we took a few shots for all those who appreciate Cali living like we do. The African print is one of a kind so if you are looking for a leather jacket that is nothing like all the others out there then I would get your orders in now. We make these jackets to fit your body so there is no fussing over sizes. It will be truly yours, and only for you to enjoy.

Get in touch at if you'd like to make an order or two ... and for all those who love ASOS as much as we do, you will be seeing us there soon :).

Until next time ... TL.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tribal Life is a clothing brand that aims to bring authentic african prints to the fashion-forward designs of East and West London. It's young, fresh and original, anyone who is anyone will want to be seen in these tailored designs and one-of-a-kind pieces that make up Tribal Life. Here are a few pictures for you to check out. 

Here the model wears high-waisted light blue african print design shorts. Flattering, and figure-hugging, (so beautiful women with assets need not hide them), these shorts are certainly a must for the summer. Wear with a cropped vest or tee for a casual contrast against these statement high-waisted shorts. 

Don't worry guys we have something for the boys too. This monochrome african sleeved tee is basic with a little twist. Small prints and authentic patterns on plain white t-shirts are incredibly popular in the urban scene, so for those fashion savvy punters who like to follow trends yet do not want to be wearing what everyone else is this is the perfect t-shirt for you. 

Watch this space for more Tribal Life products ...